04/04/2013 2.130 Palabras

The COST Action A27 program LANDMARKS. Understanding pre-industrial structures in rural and mining landscapes presents a very informative sample of the various aspects and ongoing activities related to the archaeologicalhistorical landscapes of Europe during the past decade. The program has focused on "new ways of valorisation, promotion and management of cultural heritage in the more general framework of territorial planning". As a sample of current research endeavour, it shows what the potential of this field is and in which direction research and management of the cultural landscape in Europe can develop. First of all landscape is a platform where not only research and management, but also society can meet each other for different purposes: For some, it is sheer interest in or love for the landscapes they live in, visit or pass through, but others it is also about creating a living for people and a future for their children, or tackling problems about conflicting views on use,...

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