European Landscapes and the COST A27 Action: retrospect and prospect

04/04/2013 1.899 Palabras

The papers presented in this volume represent the final output of COST A27 Action: Landmarks – Understanding pre-industrial structures in rural and mining landscapes. It is by no means intended to be our definitive and final word on the subject, but is rather a series of indicative statements, reflecting the state of our discussions at this time and demonstrating some of the effective Trans-National research networks that have been spawned by the Action. Many papers in this volume explore technical, philosophical and structural obstacles faced by landscape researchers in Europe who wish to see historical and archaeological research better represented in regional planning, management and valorisation schemes for Europe’s historic and culturally significant landscapes. A key challenge is how landscape researchers can build on the initiatives enshrined in the European Landscape Convention. Different European countries (and indeed separate regions/bodies within individual...

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